A Beautiful Match

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A hot, heartwarming, soulmate romance.

She wants a baby. He wants one night.

After wasting five years on a man who didn’t want kids, Miranda pines for a baby of her own. What she needs is a man with father potential who can commit. What she does not need is the hot bachelor in town for his wine business who lives halfway around the world . But when Miranda feels an unexpected connection over dinner, one simple date becomes one delectably complicated weekend.

Since his wife left him when he couldn’t father a child, Carlos changes women like clothing. Determined to challenge him, Miranda is one of the most frustrating dates he’s ever had. Yes, he wants her in his bed. But after one date, he craves much more. This down-to-Earth nurse awakens a part of him he’s been denying for years. They would be a perfect match, if she didn’t want precisely what he can’t give her.