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A Beautiful Touch

Love at Lincolnfield, Book One

Rule number one—never fall in love with a patient. Too bad her body and her heart want to break the rules.

When a darkly handsome man walks into her office for massage therapy, Iz Amato knows she’s in trouble. Not only does her body want to cross every line of the therapist/patient relationship, but her heart has rebellious plans of its own.

Iz would never breach the ethics rules about dating a patient. But when Sebastian—a doctor still suffering from injuries sustained in a car accident—assists with her sister’s mysterious illness, her attraction catapults into dangerous territory. He awakens her desire to heal someone again and kindles more than passion for her career.

Then life deals Iz a devastating blow, and the tables are turned. Sebastian’s love is the healing balm she needs…but he’s the one thing she can’t have.

A Beautiful Risk

A fantasy about a man in the thermal baths helps Passi overcome the orgasm-squelching side effects of the medication she needs to deal with the loss of her little boy. When the same man becomes her colleague and she sends him an email meant for her friend detailing the fantasy, things begin to heat up in a way she never expected.

Single dad, Magnus, is intrigued when he discovers he was responsible for his new coworker’s breakthrough orgasm. But the reason she needs meds means she doesn’t date guys like him. His desire must remain in the realm of fantasy letters unless he can convince her to take a chance on all he has to offer.

A Beautiful Match

After wasting five years of her ovarian youth on a man who didn’t want kids, Miranda doesn’t have time for the womanizing vintner who won’t take no for an answer.

Since his wife left him when he couldn’t father a child, Carlos changes women like clothing. Down-to-Earth Miranda awakens a part of him he’s been denying for years, but she needs something he can’t provide.