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The Heart of Doctor Steele


“Colette Dixon is a bold and exciting new voice in historical romance.” Bestselling author, Scarlett Peckham

1845 Massachusetts. Bold and curious Margaret Landeau has a new neighbor: an enigmatic, outcast surgeon. Are the rumors about him true? She intends to find out.

“A slow-burn, unfolding romance between a doctor who is being punished for treating women as if their bodies belonged to them and a small town woman with an outsized curiosity. This smart, sensuous story will steal your heart.” Author Suzanne Tierney

The mysterious Dr. Steele has taken up residence next door, and scandalous rumors about him are spreading through Margaret Landeau’s small Massachusetts town. Rumors of women he’s ill-used and exploited for his experimental surgeries. Never one to believe gossip, Margaret arms herself with a basket of baked goods and ventures to discover the truth from the man himself.

John Steele has lost everything. His parents, his aunt, too many women he intended to save, and his good name. All he has left is his aunt’s home in a far-flung village and a library he’s stocked with whiskey. He has nothing to offer anyone. Especially not the bold woman next door whose passion for healing reminds him of the man he once was.

But when a dangerously ill girl arrives on his doorstep, pleading for help, Margaret is thrust into his world. She will learn who the real Dr. John Steele truly is, and soon, not even his dark past can stop her from fighting for the brilliant doctor she now loves. But he must deny his crushing desire for her—loving a man like him can only cast a shadow over her own bright future.

Love at Lincolnfield Series

“Everything you love about the classic romance genre, but with modern, deep, and realistic characters and themes, making the search for a happy ever after sweeter.” NetGalley

“Pure emotional crack. I gobbled it up in one night.” Bestselling Author Scarlett Peckham

“Something about the way Dixon writes touches me like no other romance author.” NetGalley

“Full of humor, sexiness, and depth of heart.” Goodreads reviewer

“Absolutely heartwarming, beautiful, and sweet.” Amazon reviewer

“A gem of a romance.” NetGalley Reviewer

“I needed a change from the typical romance and Ms. Dixon delivered.” Goodreads reviewer

“Compelling plot…polished characters…a must read.” NetGalley reviewer

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